The modern application of palliative care is based on a multidisciplinary  and multiprofessional integration in order to guarantee integrated treatments tailored on the patient.

Radiotherapy represents an effective resource for the causal control of the oncological pain.

Its results can be lasting, even definitive, as it is addressed directly on the neoplastic tissue that infiltrates or constricts the adjacent nerve endings.

Radiotherapy does not compete with the use of morphine related drugs but  it complements with them in order to improve patients quality of life. The analgesic  response to Radiotherapy can reduce opioids intake not only determining pain relief, but also reducing their side effects (stunning, constipation, etc). 

“La Rete del Sollievo” (Relief’s Net) takes its origin from the need to connect together human and technological resources in order to guarantee Radiotherapy to advanced oncological patients with a reasonable life expectancy.

It is a organizational model that makes easier the patients transfer, with the relative clinical informations, among the different care facilities : Hospice, Home-care, Radiotherapy Department.

The Radiotherapy Department has some “dedicated” beds  where the patient can have his proper radiotherapy applications during short term admissions.

After his early discharge, the patient can return either to the Hospice or to his home, where he will have his appropriate and loving care.

This care continuity has short and scheduled waiting times and, according to the synergy between the Hospital and the Hospice, it allows to these patients and their relatives a quality of life improvement, fully respecting their dignity.


Each Region has its own “Rete del Sollievo” representative. Each representative has identified 3 persons who will define the optimal treatment conditions to perform the single-fraction Radiotherapy for the selected population of patients: patients who are admitted in Hospice or in Home-care program, with a 1-3 months life expectancy.

These 3 persons are :

1. The Radiotherapy Service Chief

2. The Provider of the 2 days hospitalization

3. The Hospice or Home-care program Chief

We will work in the hope that all the Italian regions will join the net.

This activity will be monitored and we will show online the number of patients treated in each Region.


In Italy, every last Sunday of May, we celebrate the “Giornata nazionale del Sollievo” to promote palliative care and particularly pain therapy.

This Day is patronized by the “Ministero della Salute e Politiche Sociali”, the “Conferenza delle Regioni e delle Province Autonome” and by the “Fondazione Nazionale “Gigi Ghirotti” ”.

Its aim is to inform and sensitize medical professionals and common people about the importance of promoting the “relief culture” and extend the awareness that Relief is not only desirable, but also possible.

During this day we affirm the centrality of the Patient and his right to be informed about the most advanced pain relief therapies and also the importance of considering his own entirety, taking care of all his needs, psychic, physical, social and spiritual, in order to create the best quality of life for him and his family.

Life expectancy improvement determined also in our country an increased incidence of chronic diseases and of the welfare burden for the old and frail population.

That is why the attention paid to the quality of life assessment becomes a pillar of the therapeutic programs when we face a chronic disease for a long  time and even when there are only a few months  left.